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Tips To Get Glowing Skin, Hair, and Nails

We all want glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails. However, we need to do a lot more than visit the salon to achieve that goal.

The health of our skin, hair, and nails depends on various factors, such as the kind of food we eat, our exposure to sun and the climate of the region where we live.

Hair, skin, and nails belong to the same physiological system in our body, called the integumentary system. They’re made of the same proteins and cells. With the following tips, you too can achieve healthy and luscious hair, glowing skin, and strong nails:

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Make Changes to Your Diet

Start with making changes to your diet. The most important ingredients for skin health are vitamins A, C, E, and D. In addition to nourishing your body, they also protect your skin from showing early signs of aging.

You’ll also need to consume foods that are rich in zinc. Zinc is a trace mineral which is found in every single cell of the body and around 100 different enzymes in your body need zinc in order to function properly.

Zinc also functions as an antioxidant. It prevents the formation of free radicals in your body and protects the skin’s lipids from ultra-violet rays.

Include food items in your diet that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These are referred to as “good fats,” are great for improving your heart’s health as well as your skin.

Food items that consist of a high quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids include tuna, salmon, canola oil, and flax seed. Also consume food items that contain Biotin, a mineral that promotes hair growth.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Staying hydrated is the key to having healthy hair, skin, and nails. Without water, your skin loses its elasticity. It starts looking old and also feels itchy because of dryness. The only way to counter this problem is to drink as much water as possible.

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The amount of water that body requires varies but according to general guidelines you should at least drink .5-1 oz of water for every pound you weigh.

You can try lemon water or infuse fruits in the water to switch things up.

Manage and Limit Stress

We all get stressed out in life. But chronic stress is not just bad for your overall health; it’s even worse for your hair, skin, and nails. Many people often witness acne breakouts, while going through extremely stressful situations in life. Of course, it’s hard to avoid stressful situations altogether. But you can always find an activity that helps you channel it productively. Some examples of these activities include meditation, yoga, art, dance, and music.

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