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How to Cope With Joint Pain At Your Workplace

Joint pain is a common problem that affects millions of Americans every year. A major reason why the problem is alarming is that the number of individuals suffering from joint pain is increasing every year.

Not only can joint pain make daily tasks seem taxing, but it can also severely impact how we perform at work. For people, the nature of the job is hard enough without having to cope with joint pain. However, there are certain steps you can take to cope with joint pain at your workplace.

Limit stress

When people discuss joint pain, one factor that is often overlooked is how stress impacts joint pain. Although it’s not easy to remain calm and reduce stress when you’re at work, it’s advisable to limit stress as much as possible because the added stress can increase joint pain. As a rule of thumb, whenever you’re feeling stressed at work, practice relaxation techniques to clear your head and moderate your heartbeat.

Take breaks

A tried and tested way of coping with joint pain is to avoid repetitive motions at the workplace. For people who work desk jobs, it’s vital that they take frequent breaks to stretch their joints. Repetitive motion can considerably increase the risk of joint pain and may even cause stress injuries. Moreover, your joints are more likely to hurt if you sit or stand in one position for long periods.

Avoid lifting heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects can put a significant train on your joints. If you have a job where lifting heavy objects is a requirement, we advise lifting them in a way that puts less strain on your joints. Make sure that your knees are bent when you pick up the object and keep it as close to your body as possible because it reduces the load on your knees and arms.

man holding elbow

Speak to your employer

Whether you have a medical condition like arthritis or experience unpredictable episodes of joint pain, it’s important to be transparent with your employer regarding your situation. People often make the mistake of hiding the severity of their joint pain from their employer, in fear that they might lose their job. Ultimately, you need to ensure that you’re honest with your struggles and not put your health in jeopardy for the sake of your job.

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