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Does Hyaluronic Acid Really Benefit You?

The term “hyaluronic acid” has been floating around a lot in the world of skincare these days. This naturally-occurring substance replenishes the skin, giving it a suppler and healthier look. Apart from its increased use in skincare products, people often take it in supplements, serums, injections, eye drops, cold sore treatments and joint relief formulae.

So is the hype surrounding hyaluronic acid worth it? Let’s look at a few of its health benefits:

Healthier, glowing skin

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally found in high concentrations in the skin that helps retain collagen and increase the skin’s elasticity. However, exposure to pollution and UV radiations decreases the amount of HA in the skin, consequently promoting aging and dull skin. This is why HA supplements are widely consumed for their skin-boosting benefits and anti-aging abilities.

Studies show that hyaluronic acid based serums and moisturizers keep the skin looking youthful and fresh due to its water retention properties. There’s a good chance that your dermatologists inject hyaluronic acid fillers to improve the skin’s overall texture and firmness. Its ability to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, redness and dermatitis are all reasons why hyaluronic acid based supplements are on the rise.

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Relieves joint pain

Found in all bones, connecting tissues, tendons and joints, hyaluronic acid keeps the space between your bones lubricated. Providing resistance to wear and tear, studies show that HA supplement reduces joint pain in people suffering from osteoarthritis. Oral supplements are often paired with hyaluronic acid injections in the joints to lower tenderness and pain that comes with degenerative joint diseases.

Relieves eye discomfort

The Hyaluronic acid present in eye sockets replenishes moisture and helps with tear production. HA eye drops are used by doctors to treat dry eye syndrome and restore fluid balance. Studies also suggest that hyaluronic acid suppresses the damage caused by UVB radiations within the cornea. Widely used before and after eye surgeries and in contact lenses, hyaluronic acid helps improve the overall eye health.

Speeds up wound healing

Due to its ability to keep damaged tissue moist, hyaluronic acid is beneficial in healing wounds, sunburn, cold sores and mouth sores. It regulates the inflammation levels in the wounded area and signals the body to increase the amount of blood vessels, promoting faster healing and decrease in pain. Its antibacterial properties also combat the risk of infection in open wounds. Hyaluronic acid gel speeds up the healing process after tooth surgery and eliminates ulcers in the mouth.

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