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4 Tips for Tackling Winter Allergies

Winter is just around the corner, and with it, we can finally say goodbye to pollen allergies. However, you’re not in the clear yet! Even though winter provides much-needed relief to people who are allergic to pollen, it can be a troubling time for individuals who are allergic to dust mites and mold spores.

During winters, a large chunk of our time is spent indoors, which exposes us to countless irritants and allergens that can be particularly annoying. Here are four tips for tackling winter allergies you should know about!

Wash your hands regularly

While this is something you should practice all year round, the importance of washing your hands regularly becomes heightened during the winter. If you’re spending a lot of time indoors, it’s only natural that your hands are covered with allergens.

By washing your hands regularly, you get rid of the bacteria and allergens present on your hands. Moreover, people who are allergic to pet dander should make it a habit to wash their hands after petting their pets.

Install a dehumidifier

Mold is a common problem during the winter and it can cause breathing issues and watery eyes for individuals who have allergies. In order to prevent mold growth, you’re advised to install a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels in your home. Since mold thrives in humid conditions, it’s vital that you keep the humidity in your home below 50 percent, which can easily be done by installing a dehumidifier.

Vacuum everyday

You may think that vacuuming every day may be overdoing it, but it’s the perfect way to prevent dust mites and other allergens from settling into the carpets and flooring of your home. Even though vacuuming once a week is usually enough in other seasons, the risk of allergens accumulating is heightened in the winter due to the climate. That’s why vacuuming every day or once every two days is the ideal course of action to maintain an allergy-free environment.

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Try natural allergy relief products

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