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4 simple tips to build an ergonomic home office

With the spread of COVID-19, workforces around the globe are being encouraged to stay at home and practice social distancing as much as possible.

In the US, various firms that belong to diverse industries are being asked to work remotely.

Understandably, the time spent in front of a personal computer or a laptop has significantly increased for many people. Moreover, work from home has resulted in an increase in poor ergonomic habits.

If you find yourself crouched over your laptop on the kitchen table—or in bed—these days­, it’s time to reconsider your work from home habits. An ergonomic home office is the first step in preventing long-term back and neck pain. Here are some tips to get you started.

Invest in ergonomic accessories

Invest in some ergonomic accessories now—your back and neck will thank you later. If you work on a laptop a lot, get a separate keyboard and mouse. You can place them at a comfortable distance from your hands, while placing the laptop at an increased height.

Consider a back support cushion for lumbar support. If your work requires you to talk on the phone very often, then get headphones with a good microphone to keep your hands free.

Ensure optimal light

Set up your workstation in a location that has optimal light. Too little light will result in glare from your screen that can strain your eyes. On the other hand, too much light can cause reflections and make it difficult to read what’s on the screen. Consider a desk lamp if you find yourself working late nights.

desk with light and wood

Limit couch time

A dedicated workspace will save you from having to work while sitting awkwardly on the couch or while lying on your bed. A soft couch or bed isn’t the best place to work, because you’ll often find yourself bent over the screen or arching your neck uncomfortably.

Having a separate work office has other benefits too. It can help you keep distractions at bay and get into the right frame of mind for work.

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