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Want To Improve Your Knee Arthritis Symptoms? Lose Weight!

Knee arthritis is a highly prevalent disease in the United Sates.

According to one study, it affects more than 19% of American-adults aged 45 years and older. While another study states that it roughly shares 80% of the nation’s total osteoarthritis burden.

Do you have knee arthritis?

What interventions do you usually rely on to improve your knee arthritis symptoms?

Painkillers? Diet adjustments? Physiotherapy?

Have you tried losing weight?

Because scientists believe that shedding body weight can definitely improve knee arthritis symptoms!

A study published on June 18, 2018, in the journal of Arthritis Care & Research reveals that shedding 10 percent of your body weight can markedly improve your knee arthritis symptoms.

The research was conducted by a group of medical experts at Wake Forest University who tracked 240 overweight adults suffering from knee pain and osteoarthritis. Subjects were instructed to undergo a weight loss program and were then investigated to determine how much impact the intervention had on their knee arthritis symptoms.

Those who lost 10 percent of their body weight were able to walk farther in a six-minute test than those who failed to lose any weight or lost lesser weight; the positive test results showed decreased bone-on-bone compression and joint inflammation in the studied individuals.

Individuals who managed to shed 20 percent of their body weight had even more promising results to report.

So, in summary, the intervention exhibited a “dose response”, which means the more weight people lost the better they did.

Of course, achieving weight loss is not easy, especially when you’ve to lose 10 percent of your body weight.

However, it’s not impossible either!

With the right diet and few lifestyle changes, it can be accomplished.

However, it must be noted that any weight loss should happen slowly; you should not rush it. It’s not good for your overall health and can cause other complications.

An effective knee osteoarthritis disease management plan entails lots of elements: medicines, diet changes, physiotherapy and weight loss.

Is your knee osteoarthritis disease management plan effective?

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