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Top 3 Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyarulonic Acid (HA) or hyaluronan or hyaluronate is a naturally produced carbohydrate. It’s found throughout the body and is a viscous, Jell-O-like substance. It serves the purpose of providing cushioning and elasticity to connective tissue like ligaments, skin, and more.

Here are the top 3 benefits of Hyarulonic Acid:

HA For Joint Health

HA plays an integral role in promoting easy and healthy joint movement. As we age, joint-related discomfort becomes common. To maintain flexibility and healthy joints, it’s crucial to have optimal levels of HA in the joints. Hyarulonic Acid provides cushioning in the joints and also acts as a shock absorber.

The synovial membrane surrounds our joints. This membrane forms a capsule around the ends of two connecting bones. Hyarulonic Acid is naturally present in the synovial fluid. It provides lubrication to our joints to keep them from grinding against each other.

We lose HA as we grow older. This also happens in case of inflammation or similar conditions. A major portion of joint-related problems occur because of reduced levels of HA in the joint fluid. In this case, HA injections or supplements are should be used to support joint health.

HA For Eyesight

A large portion of the vitreous humor gel fluid in our eyes is made up of HA. For healthy eye function, an abundance of HA is necessary. The structures of the eye are cushioned by the HA present in the vitreous humor. It maintains the shape of the eye while we run or even carry out simple tasks like movement.

Just like in the case of joints, HA in the vitreous humor acts as a shock absorber within the eye. It protects delicate eye tissues and stabilizes the vision. In fact, to maintain its shape, eye surgeons directly inject HA into the eye during eye surgeries.

In addition, HA also provides essential nutrients to the eye. This helps to maintain the health of ocular tissues like the retina and cornea.

HA For Gum Health

HA surrounds the fibrous tissue that composes the connective tissue in our body. This is why HA is also known as the extra-cellular matrix. It acts as the “mortar” between the cells. Like ligaments, the gums (gingivae) are made up of dense fibrous connective tissue. This tissue secures the teeth to the jaw bone.

A tooth is secured in place through the tensile strength of the ligaments. HA provides hydration and nourishment to the tissue. With insufficient levels of Hyarulonic Acid, it’s possible for gum tissue to become unhealthy.

Hyarulonic Acid Supplement

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