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Quality Comes First

Joint Relief puts heavy emphasis on quality control at all stages of the GMP Process,
(Good Manufacturing Practices).

These include:

Incoming chemical bacteriological testing
Batch bacteriological testing
Production line sampling
After-fill bacteriological testing

Joint Relief is manufactured in an FDA inspected facility as well as cGMP compliant and USDA Organic Certified. Our manufacturing facility also has ongoing audits by key clients to further guarantee the purity of the finished product. Joint Relief’s manufacturers have standard operating procedures covering all aspects of production including: facilities, equipment, components and closures, production processes, sanitation and maintenance, packaging and labeling, with requisite record keeping and controls at all stages of production.

Joint Relief is manufactured in a full service analytical and microbiological laboratory with state of the art equipment. The lab is staffed with a microbiologist on site. Extensive testing is performed including methods and validation, wet chemistry testing, microbiological testing, and stability testing.

In short, quality comes first in every bottle of Joint Relief.