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4 Ways Your Skin Can Benefit from CBD

CBD is known for the several therapeutic and health benefits it has for your body. These include different skin conditions as well, which can be better managed or treated through the use of cannabidiol.

Wondering what you can use CBD for when it comes to skincare? Here are a few things it can help against.  


CBD contains fatty acids that are essential for keeping the skin hydrated. This is extremely useful for people with acne prone skin, as they tend to have fewer fatty acids and as a result, less hydrated skin. Studies have pointed out the effect of CBD on lipid production. It not just regulates the lipids, but also keeps the skin hydrated. What’s more, it also treats excessively oily skin.

CBD has antibacterial properties as well, which make it effective against acne. The skin condition is caused when pores get clogged either due to dirt, oil, or bacteria. Combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps reduce the redness of the acne and is helpful in eliminating it.


CBD oil has also been found to be useful in treating atopic dermatitis or eczema. This is a skin condition which results in excessively dry and irritated skin, causing constant itching and discomfort.

Using CBD for eczema can help alleviate the symptoms. CBD soothes the skin, providing relief from the itchiness and dryness. As a result, it has a normalizing and calming effect on the skin and is very useful in treating eczema.


One of the most common skin diseases, psoriasis causes red, painful patches across the skin. Individuals with psoriasis experience scaly and flaky skin patches, which can be inflamed for months and subside for a while before reappearing.

While there isn’t a known cure for the skin condition as of yet, CBD has been found effective against psoriasis. The cannabinoid inhibits the huge accumulation of dead skills which are what cause psoriasis in the first place. This helps in managing the symptoms and alleviating the pain and discomfort that comes with the skin condition.


Don’t like those wrinkles and fine lines across your forehead? There’s an easy way to get rid of them!

According to one study, the antioxidant properties of CBD rank higher than even vitamins C and E. This means that CBD is extremely potent in diminishing aging lines and help you have a youthful glow. CBD neutralizes the free radicals that cause damage to skin fibers. This encourages the growth of collagen and elastin, making the skin look younger and fresher.

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